Garage Unit

Main responsibilities of the Garage Unit include servicing and maintenance of vehicles; an operation which is done very frequently to the high mileage accumulation of our vehicles principally the Ambulances. Though with limited resources they can boast over the past three years have converted successfully four (4) passenger buses into Ambulances, saving the Government upwards of $400,000 EC. The Unit was the recipient of the  the Public Service Team of the Year Award in 2014.

Fire Prevention Unit

This unit functions as the main face of the organization; taking into account the training, lectures, visits/inspection and drills conducted throughout the island. Preparing fire  safety recommendations for buildings in conjunction with the Physical Planning Division and ensuring that all Government Buildings are inspected and necessary recommendations are made to meet the basic Fire Safety Standards.

Search and Rescue Unit

This is a sub unit within the unit and is responsible for locating persons who have been reported lost within the forests of Dominica, motorists who have been engaged in accidents and have found themselves off the road over cliffs, ravines, etc. In addition, during times of natural disasters the unit is called upon to execute search and rescue to stranded persons or those who have been unfortunate to be caught in various emergence situations such as land slippages, swept away houses or any other side effect of natural disasters.

Administration Unit

This unit consists of support staff to the Chief and Deputy’s Office to facilitate the procurement and management of resources within the Division. Staff management, procurement management, store room management and document management are some of the key functions in this area.