The Canefield Fire Station is located at the northern end of the Canefield Airport next to the Natural Petroleum filling station on the airport compound. This station main focus is to serve the Canefield Airport giving fire coverage to the aircrafts utilizing the airfield. The daily function commences from 06:00hrs with an inspection of the runway done by the fire officers on duty, this includes the driving on the tar mark and removing any debris, obstacles and anything found that may make it dangerous for an aircraft using the tar mark. The station check and test continues with the sounding of the station warning device or crash alarm, communication devices are checked and tested including telephones and station radios. During this process, a series of communications go back and forth between the station and the Air Traffic Controller (ATC) and also station to appliances. To maintain proper functioning, the station utilizes two appliances: one water tender fire truck which houses a 1200 gallon tank and is equipped with a torrent gun and a rapid intervention vehicle capable of dispensing dry powder and finished foam suitable for isolating and insulting the aircraft fuselage.

This station houses no ambulance and relies on the Roseau Station to deal with any casualties in this area. Because the station is situated along the Canefield/Massacre high way, responding to motor vehicular accidents are not uncommon. However, this is only done when the airport does not require the immediate service of the department as the number one priority is that of the airport.

Fire Station at Canefield Airport