The rank structure is shown as follows:

Rank: Firefighter (Ff)
Responsibilities: Carries out day- to-day firefighting and fire safety work.
Rank Collar Markings:

Rank: Leading fireman (LFm)
Responsibilities: Officer in charge of an appliance or Fire Truck.
Rank Collar Markings:

Rank: Sub Station Officer (SO)
Responsibilities: Officer in charge of watch or shift.
Rank Collar Markings:

Rank: Station Officer (S)
Responsibilities: Officer in charge of a watch or Station.
Rank Collar Markings: 

Rank: Deputy Chief Fire Officer (DCFO)
Responsibilities: Assistant to the CFO and Directly in charge of operations. 
Rank Collar Markings: 

Rank: Chief Fire Officer
Responsibilities: General Brigade Manager will take charge of major incidents.
The current CFO of the Dominica Fire and Ambulance Service is Josiah Dupuis.
Rank Collar Markings: